Friday, April 15, 2011

Foreign Exchange Student

In geography class we just got finished studying the EU and because Germany is part of the EU we had our foreign exchange student visit our class(es). The foreign exchange student is a Junior, and has throughly enjoyed spending this past year at Van Meter. When Daniel, the foreign exchange student, came in and talked to us about Germany we had specific questions we wanted to ask his about how America and Germany differ. He also expressed how their culture, economy, school, and his personal teenage life differentiates from how we 'operate' here in the U.S. When Daniel was in the classroom he not only told us about his daily life, but we got to question him on the matters we wanted to know about. We learned that their school day ends around 1:30 and they only have 4 periods, compared to us getting out around 3:30 (at Van Meter at least) and having 8 periods. We also don't have 3-4 hours of homework like they do.

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